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About Us

SCANELLE: Talking barcode scanner for goods inwards inspection. Often goods inwards have to receive equipment which has to be cross checked against paperwork. The inspector has to locate the barcode, read the human readable, and cross check the number. This is a tedious process. By using a hand held scanner and SCANELLE software, the process can be made more reliable. The barcode has to be scanned twice. While this may seem a waste of time, there is a very high incidence of misreading a barcode if it has been damaged. The software ensures that both scans produce the same reading. If both scans are identical, the system gives an audible indication. If both scans are different, a warning is sounded. The system will then read out the barcode. This makes cross checking of long numbers much easier. The system shows the last four pairs of scans--this can be handy for cross checking what has been done.  The software can be further enhanced by database connection and other options, but this is not available in the basic model.

A 30 day evaluation is available here (3.5Mb) either select run to install from Xilantech or save to disk. The program will automatically install SCANELLE on your PC.


NOTE! Because of licence requirements, the evaluation version uses human voice.  TOP

Scanelle screen shot

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