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bulletScanantell--A talking barcode reader for visually impaired users
bulletComing soon--Talking Kiosk
bulletScanelle--the talking barcode scanner for Goods Inward Inspection
bulletIn development--Reception System
bulletClock A talking alarm clock for visually impaired users.

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  CLOCK: PC based Talking alarm clock is primarily designed for computer literate visually impaired users, however it makes an excellent PC alarm clock for anyone. This uses real-time speech synthesis and requires TextAloud to be pre-installed. TexAloud is a superb low cost real time speech synthesis for the PC. For superior voice quality We recommend using additional voices from A.T&T


Timer Screen shot

Timer capabilities


The Timer speaks the time:- The speak interval can be set to 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 minutes or turned off.

When the time is spoken the 12 hour format is used because many people have difficulty relating to the 24 hour clock. In order to save confusion, the day is zoned into early morning, morning, afternoon, evening and late evening. This ensures a visually impaired user is properly informed. DEMO


To set the alarm, the user simply types in the  hours and minutes. As they do, the computer reads the time just entered, so the user has immediate feedback. DEMO


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